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It's their planet too. They share it with us today, and they'll inherit it tomorrow. So we dedicate our designs to babies and kids, and their relationship with the world around them.


KidsOnEarth Design, LLC was founded, in part, to support worthy projects for children, by creating child oriented designs with subtle teaching messages about this planet we all share, and then by donating a portion of our proceeds to children charities. The founders previously worked for non-profit organizations on projects that benefited children around the world, such as removing landmines from schools and villages, building new schools, and providing school supplies and nutritional snacks to increase school attendance in impoverished communities.


KidsOnEarth designs are beautiful, colorful, playful and educational, They use symbolic image sequences to subtly teach children to recognize patterns and similarities, and to accept and appreciate the rich diversity among our races, cultures and other living species.


Our award-winning set of LifeOnEarth notecards celebrates variety, commonality and interdependence among cultures and species. The series illustrates the patterns and rhythms of life, and demonstrate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The designs are also available separately as postcards.


Our line of holiday greetings cards recognizes special days of the year in many languages, religions and cultures around the world. It includes an award-winning International Winter Holiday Card; Valentine's, Mother's and Father's Day Cards. For special occasions, we offer Kids' Birthday and Welcome Baby Cards. All are multicultural and inclusive, and celebrate diversity and tolerance.


KidsOnEarth products appeal to both children and parents by combining great design and functionality, while creating opportunities for conversation, teachable moments and meaningful interaction.


10% of all KidsOnEarth proceeds goes to charity for causes that help children around the world.






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